Learn French and discover Nice

Beaulieu Riviera Language Center provides the perfect solution to learn French on the Riviera and discover Nice. The school is located in Beaulieu-sur-Mer, a small resort with stunning charm, while being close to the many sites of the Riviera, starting with its capital, Nice, located less than 6 km away.

Lively French Riviera

If the French Riviera attracts so many visitors, it is because there are very few regions in the world that offer so many sites and attractions in such a limited space. Thus, Beaulieu-sur Mer can be the ideal place to immerse yourself in the French culture “made in Riviera” by improving your French at Beaulieu Riviera Language Center and by enjoying its lively environment and location.

Indeed, Nice, the capital of the Côte d’Azur, is accessible in 7 minutes by train or 15 minutes by bus from Beaulieu-sur-Mer and for the boldest, in 1h30 by foot! City-centre of a conurbation of a million inhabitants that goes from Menton to Cannes via Monaco, Antibes, or…Beaulieu-sur-Mer, Nice is full of cultural assets and entertainments.

Places to discover

The first place one often discovers in Nice is the Nice Côte d’Azur airport, the second largest airport in France after Paris. It is located on the Mediterranean Sea. On the way out, the famous Promenade des Anglais opens to you with its long, lively beach that borders the blue sea that has inspired so many painters. From morning to night, it is the ideal place to get some fresh air, swim or have fun.

Another popular attraction is the old town of Nice. Its narrow streets to protect the pedestrian and the inhabitants from the sun have kept their authenticity. Authentic restaurants are side-by-side with all kinds of shops and also everyday places for the local inhabitants such as bakeries, pasta shops and butcher shops that are always full on the weekend. As you walk through this historical place, you will be able to admire the Cathedral of Sainte-Réparate, patron saint of the city, as well as other beautiful Baroque churches, the Lascaris Palace, now a museum dedicated to music, and the famous market located on the Saleya Court along the sea.

Founded by the Greeks and later Romans, Nice has traces of its ancient past. It is recommended to visit the Arena and its museum in Cimiez. Next to it, a beautiful monastery and the museum dedicated to Matisse, a genius of Modern painting who spent a large part of his life in Nice, will complete the visit of this district.

Other artists are linked to the city and are exhibited in other museums such as Marc Chagall with a dedicated museum, but also many others at the Museum of Fine Arts and the Museum of Contemporary Art.

As entertainment, at the end of our short winter, the Nice Carnival launches the tourist season. Along with Rio de Janeiro and Venice’s carnivals, it is one of the most famous and popular in the world. In the summer, you will be able to enjoy all sorts of music festivals (classical, jazz, rock, electro,…) according to your taste and mood! Sports are also big events open to everyone such as the famous Nice – Cannes marathon.

The most endearing attractions of the French Riviera, are also Cannes, Monaco, the hilltop villages of the Mediterranean coastline, the Caps inhabited by billionaires, the Alps that plunge into the sea and so many other sites to discover!

Visiting all these places, taking part in some of these exceptional events, will be great opportunities to practice your French after or before your classes at Beaulieu Riviera language Center. The school’s preserved and warm atmosphere will also allow you to learn French with serenity while making the most of Nice and the Côte d’Azur.

Enjoy! Learn French and discover Nice and the French Riviera!

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