Applicants must be 16 years old at least and be non-native speakers of French. Students under 18 years of age must submit a signed parental guarantee.  Applicants must submit a copy of their passport or national ID with their enrolment form to Beaulieu Riviera Language Center with their non-refundable deposit of € 190 or full fees. Or they can register via our online form.

Application confirmation:

Beaulieu Riviera Language Center sends confirmation of booking on receipt of enrolment form and deposit or full payment. For students who apply for a visa Beaulieu Riviera Language Center sends confirmation of booking and letter of acceptance on receipt of enrolment form and deposit (50% of total amount) or full payment.

Course fees:

Course fees include registration fees (€ 60), tuition, WiFi internet, placement test, orientation walking tour of Beaulieu (on specific dates) and certificate of achievement.They do not include books.


Each lesson lasts 45 minutes, each hour lasts 60 minutes.

Students will be assigned to a morning or an alternating morning and afternoon schedule based on level and availability. Courses run from Monday to Friday.

If a student does not have the minimum level of French required to follow the intensive or examination course he/she registered for, BRLC reserves the right to reduce the number of lessons. The student would be refunded appropriately (see refund part).

BRLC reserves the right to reduce the number of lessons in a class due to insufficient number of students. If there are 3 to 4 students in class, the programs will be reduced to

    • 15 lessons for the standard course (20 lessons)
    • 20 lessons for the intensive course or exam preparation course (27 lessons)

If there are 1 to 2 students in class, the programs will be reduced to

    • 8 lessons for the standard course (20 lessons)
    • 10 lessons for the intensive course or exam preparation course (27 lessons)

If students do not agree to the reduction of lessons they can change their course dates or cancel their course. Students will not be charged extra fees for changes or their courses fees will be refunded appropriately for cancellation. These apply except when a letter of acceptance for a visa application has been issued.

Accommodation fees:

Accommodation fees for homestay, residences and apartments are calculated per week, (same price for 6 or 7 nights). It is provided from Sunday 18.00 to Saturday 12.00. For any other arrival dates and hours, please contact BRLC. Additional fees will apply.

Accommodation fees for hotels are calculated per night.

Local taxes may apply when booking a residence, an apartment or a hotel and will be clearly displayed upon invoicing.

When booking accommodation via BRLC online enrollment form students will only pay accommodation handling fees at first. Accommodation fees will be charged once accommodation options have been confirmed and agreed.


Homestay can be with breakfast only or half-board (breakfast + dinner).

All other types of accommodation are without meals. Hotels can provide breakfast with extra charges.

Twin and double rooms can only be booked by people travelling together.

BRLC is not responsible for personal belongings, damage, delay or accident in accommodation. Students under 18 can only book a homestay and are expected to conduct themselves as responsible adults.  

Students changing accommodation will not be refunded any difference in price. Extra fees may apply.

If the homestay BRLC has booked for a student becomes unavailable at the last minute (for unexpected events -illness, accident, change of schedule, etc.), BRLC will book another homestay and inform the student immediately.

Accommodation costs are not refunded for part of a week. No allowance is made for absences from accommodation. Nationality/gender mix is not guaranteed in apartments or residences.


Flight / train details including: arrival time, flight / train numbers, airline and point of origin must be advised 7 days prior to arrival in order for BRLC to provide transfers. No refunds will be granted on transfers if flight / train details are not sent to BRLC at least 7 days prior to arrival. Airport / train transfers are charged a minimum fee (see transfer fees) and will be regulated upon confirmation of the exact time of arrival / departure and accommodation address. Airport / train transfer fees include a maximum of 1 hour waiting time. In the event of delays exceeding 1 hour, students are advised to inform the driver otherwise they will be charged the additional fee at the school. The driver’s information will be sent to students prior to their arrival.

Transfer cancellations made within 24 hours of arrival will be charged in full.
Students under 18 are required to purchase transfers through BRLC.

When booking a transfer via BRLC online enrollment form students will pay the minimum fees at first. Extra charges may apply if accommodation is outside Nice and / or if the transfer is scheduled between 21.00 and 8.00.


Total fees are payable at least 15 working days (3 full weeks) before the start of the course. Students who enrol less than 15 working days before arrival must send full payment with enrolment form. Fees can be paid in Euros only, by bank transfer, visa or master cards. Bank charges must be paid by the student.


It is the students’ responsibility to enquire whether they need or do not need a visa to travel to France. It is the students’ responsibility to ensure that they have the correct visa type. If students have a visa and do not attend class regularly, BRLC will inform the French authorities. If BRLC finds a student has no appropriate leave to remain in France, BRLC will terminate the course and accommodation immediately and there will be no refund.

Postponement of course and accommodation:

If students want to postpone their course and accommodation for reasons outside their control (illness, death of a relative, university exams), course and accommodation fees can be held for one year. However, a proof will be required (doctor’s certificate for instance).

Cancellation Fees


Notice of cancellation must be given in writing.

No cancellation charges for courses and accommodation for new bookings received from January to May 2020. And you can still change your booking to start on any date in 2020 or 2021. (Please note that some dates are subject to availability, for beginners particularly).


Notice of cancellation must be given in writing.

If notice of cancellation is given in writing 15 working days or more before the start date, course fees are refunded in full, less the deposit and irrecoverable expenses (bank charges, express mail, etc.) ; accommodation fees are refunded less one week. If notice of cancellation is given in writing less than 15 working days before the start date, one week of tuition fee and the total amount of the accommodation fee (max. 4 weeks) are not refunded. If notice of cancellation is given on or after the first day of class, accommodation fees and course fees are not refunded. (Working days are Monday-Friday)

Documents sent to students for visa purposes must be returned to the school upon cancellation.

Visa refusals: Fees can only be returned (less the deposit and irrecoverable expenses) after BRLC has received the original visa refusal letter.


Money will be returned to the original source. For students who are enrolled through a representative agent of BRLC, all refunds will be issued to the representative and are subject to that party’s own refund policies.


Students are strongly advised to take out insurance to cover all expenses in the event of cancellation (for illness, death or serious illness of a close relative, public disturbance, industrial actions or any other factors outside BRLC’s control). The insurance should also cover medical expenses and all other risks associated with travelling and staying abroad. You can obtain insurance through your educational consultant, your university or school, your educational tour operator. You can also contact BRLC.

Note that no refunds will be made for factors outside BRLC’s control (public disturbance, strikes, industry actions, weather conditions, etc.)

Photographs & videos:

BRLC can take photos and videos of its students in order to promote the school through social networks, websites, brochures and any other publicity media. Students and parents / guardians of students under 18 must inform the school in writing before the first day of class if they do not allow use of such images. BRLC will respect their wishes but it is the student’s responsibility to absent themselves from the photograph/video.

Protection of personal data:

In accordance with the regulations in force, you have a right of access and rectification allowing you, if necessary, to rectify, complete or update your personal data that are inaccurate or incomplete. In addition, you have a right, for legitimate reasons, to oppose the processing of your data. You can exercise all your rights of access to your data and have them rectified by contacting BRLC.

Expulsion policy:

If students’ conduct and/or attendance is unsatisfactory, it can result in expulsion. Students will be given an oral warning, then a written warning and ultimately a second and final written warning. In the event of expulsion fees are not refunded.


Students are strongly advised to report any problem to the staff as soon as possible since resolution can be reached more easily on site and can be more satisfactory if dealt quickly. However, students can complete our Student Complaint Form to make a complaint in writing. The Student Complaint Form can be found in the students’ room, requested at reception or by email. Any complaint received will be dealt with immediately and a resolution should be reached as quickly as possible.

BRLC is not liable for any extra costs incurred as a result of delays (flights, visas, personal etc.) These costs may include accommodation costs, transportation costs, dining, medical bills, etc.


The school will be closed on public holidays (2020: 13 April, 1 May, 8 May, 21 May, 1 June, 14 July, 1 November, 11 November). There is no reduction in fees when a course includes a public holiday. Lessons are not made up, except for private tuition.

The school will be closed for Christmas: from December 19th, 2020 to January 10th, 2021.